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Buffs & Laps
Gesswein offers buffs and laps for polishing jewellery, medical and other small parts.  Materials include muslin, felt, chamois, wool, flannel, Scotchbriteâ„¢, cotton, and chemically treated muslin.
Cloth Buffs Laps & Split Laps
Muslin. Chamois. Flannel. Cotton String Buffs. Stitched & Unstitched Buffs. Blue, Gray, Yellow & Plum Buffs. Mandrel Mounted Buffs for handpiece use.
100% Wool Felt Laps. Felt Wheels. Split Laps. GMX Laps. Polish & Prepolish Laps and Split Laps.
Satin Finish Buffs
4" diameter buffs in 2-Ply, 3-Ply and extra wide 4-Ply. Mandrel Mounted Satin Finish Buffs for handpiece use.