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Torches & Soldering
Small bench torches, casting torches, water torch, PUK welders, and supplies for professional soldering and brazing.
Flux & Brushes Oxy/Gas Generators
Liquid & paste flux; borax & boric acid powder; anti-oxidizing flux; stone protection;  flux dispensers and flux brushes.
Airsep Oxygen Generators, G-TEC Natural Gas Boosters.
Picklers & Tongs PUK Welder
Ferris Pickle Pots, standard and citric acid pickling compounds, copper tongs.
PUK 3S Professional and Professional Plus Welders and accessories.
Soldering Supplies Tanks & Regulators
Tweezers, third-hands, soldering boards & stands, solder picks, goggles & safety glasses, solder cutting tools, tanks & cylinders, binding wire, torch holders, and torch lighters.
Regulators for acetylene, natural gas, propane, mapp gas, hydrogen, LP, and oxygen. Flashback arrestors & check valves, hoses & fittings. Tanks & cylinders.
Torches & Tips
Bench and casting torches from Smith, Hoke, Harris, Gentec, and Prest-O-Lite.  Torch tips and holders.