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Files & Rifflers
American Pattern & Grobet Swiss Precision Files, needle and escapement files.  Diamond coated files. Rifflers are files with a curved face on one or both ends for filing concave surfaces.
American Pattern Diamond
American Pattern Files in dozens of sizes, shapes and cuts.
Diamond coated files, diamond coated rifflers, needle files, tiny escapement files and micro files for precision work on hard metals.
Escapement Files File Handles
Our smallest files, these Swiss Precision files are used for working in tiny areas and on miniatures.
Natural wood or plastic.
Needle Files Rifflers
Small, narrow files for precision work.
Swiss Precision rifflers; diamond-coated rifflers.
Swiss Precision Files Wax Carving
Dozens of sizes, shapes, and cuts of our highest quality files.
Files with widely spaced teeth for carving wax without clogging.