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Ultrasonic, steam, and ionic cleaners, and professional cleaning solutions.
Air Cleaners Cleaning Kits
Metal working and polishing can produce toxic fumes, odors and particulate that can cause health problems over the years.  Air cleaners help remove airborne toxins and particles.
Jewellery cleaning kits for the professional and for home use.
Cleaning Solutions Cloths
Ultrasonic and hand cleaning solutions from Magic Green, BCR, Ti-Research, Galvex, Glitz, Dazzle, OrganiCleen, Ney, and Gesswein.
Selvyt cloths, gem cleaning cloths, tarnish removal and polishing cloths. 3M High Performance Cloth for lint-free, scratch-free cleaning of glass, computer screens, eyeglasses, any metal and plastic.
Steam Cleaners Ultrasonic Cleaners
Home and professional steam cleaners from Reimers, GemOro, Steam Dragon, and JewelJet.
Home and professional ultrasonics from Best Built, L&R, Elma, Gesswein and Sonic Wave.