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KTS Tooling offers thousands of abrasives for precision work including Gesswein Finishing Stones, the world's most recognized brand.
3M Bristle Discs Abrasive Bands/Rolls
3M Radial Bristle Discs are amazing. Impregnated with high quality abrasive so no compounds are required. Long lasting, effective and efficient, these are one of our most popular abrasives.
Abrasive bands and cartridge rolls for finishing curved surfaces, holes, radii, inside rings, and more.
Abrasive Cord/Tape Abrasive Grain
Abrasive "floss" for cleaning & polishing small holes.
High grade silicon carbide and aluminum oxide in grain form. Pumice powder.
Arkansas Stones Ceramic Stones
Natural Novaculite, excellent for sharpening gravers, chisels, knives and other fine cutting edges.
Made of long ceramic fibers that will not break or dull, even under the most strenuous conditions or dressed to a very fine point. Use on stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloys, silicon, magnetic materials and plastics
Cratex Cut-off Discs
Premium-quality silicon carbide wheels and points. Ideal for a broad range of light deburring, smoothing, cleaning and polishing applications on all metals.
Cut-off and separating discs.
Diamond Dressing Stones
Diamond points, bands, discs, film, burs, cutters, belts, and Gesswein's oil and water soluble diamond compounds.
For dressing, shaping, and truing grinding wheels and points.
Fiber Wheels & Pads Finishing Stones
Fiber wheels and pads for light deburring or satin finishing. 3M® Scotch-Brite, Beartex® and Unitized wheels and discs. Satin Finish Buffs.
Gesswein the world's most recognized finishing stone.  Die- maker, Moldmaker, EDM, Oil-Treated, Pencil, RA, Rough Out, GP, Premium White, Super Fine, Ultra-Soft, & White Polishing.
Flap Wheels G-Flex & GMX
Made of aluminum oxide abrasive in either resin-bonded cloth or fiber bond. Ideal for removing surface imperfections and parting lines from castings.
Aluminum oxide abrasive in a unique composite of laminated cotton fiber in a rubber bond (GMX) or a firmer resin bond (G-Flex).
Grinding & Deburring India Stones
3M and Norton brand grinding wheels for fast metal removal, light grinding, and deburring. Deburring and deflashing tools.
Fast cutting aluminum oxide abrasive in a variety of shapes, prefilled with oil. Ideal for sharpening chisels, gravers, knives and precision tools.
MAX Abrasives Mounted Stones
Wheels, Discs, and Belts for the MAX 24 and MAX 30 and the MINI MAX polishing machines.
Gesswein Mounted Stones
We have assembled an assortment of vitrified bonded mounted abrasives for most metal working applications. From general purpose grinding to specialty deburring, for fast cutting to smooth finishing - there is a stone for most every need and made from only the finest materials and workmanship. Stones are available in Blue, Purple, Light Blue, Red, Pink and White.
Rubber Wheels, Points Ruby Stones
Square & knife edge wheels, bullets, cylinders, and points from 3M®, Edenta, Brightboy, Dedeco®, Silipum, Rugi, and more. Pumice wheels.
Pure synthetic ruby with no bonding material, extremely hard & wear-resistant. Use to touch up, dress, or debur hardened steel & carbide and glass, quartz & porcelain.
Sandpaper Sharpening Stones
Sheets, strips and discs, including Moore's Discs.  Sandpaper belts and belt sticks.
Arkansas, Ruby, India and Crystolon stones.